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The Chef community is an active, caring, wickedly smart, and fast growing group of practitioners who want to help you succeed with Chef.

About the Chef Community

There are a number of ways for you to engage with, learn from, follow, and contirbute, such as reading books, going to meetups, listening to podcasts, taking some training, and simply being a part of the community.

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ChefConf CFP Now Open!

ChefConf 2017, Austin, TX, May 22-24 - Share Your Voice, Call for Presentations Now Open! CFP Closes January 18

Chef Supermarket

Chef Supermarket is the community site for cookbooks. Cookbooks that are part of the Chef Supermarket may be used by any Chef user. How community cookbooks are used varies from organization to organization.


Want to contribute? Great! You can find instructions on how to contribute to Chef and information about CLSs and CCLAs on our Community Contributions page.

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