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Chef Principles Exam

Welcome to the Chef Principles exam.

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About This Exam

This exam was built from the ground up to test your knowledge of Chef OSS tools, products, and solutions. It also provides a measuring stick against modern DevOps practices that we encourage within our community.

While it's not necessary to have expert-level knowledge of Chef products and have done a deep dive into all of these Learn Chef courses, we do recommend reviewing these Learn Chef courses as necessary:

  • Beginning Your Chef Journey
  • Ruby Essentials (Coming Soon!)
  • Manage Your Fleet with Chef Infra
  • Test Expectations with Chef InSpec
  • Deliver Applications with Chef Habitat
  • Chef Compliance: First Steps with Auditing and Remediation
  • Secure Your Infrastructure with Chef Automate

Links to those courses are in the Introduction section of the exam.

If (when!) you pass the exam, you will be awarded with the Chef Principles award, which we encourage you to share on your social networks and with colleagues.