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Test Expectations with Chef InSpec

Learn how easy it is to automate the testing of your systems with the Chef InSpec Language

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About This Course

Learn the Chef InSpec Language so you can automate the testing of your Infrastructure. Whether you want to ensure compliance to an industry standard, or be confident that your Infrastructure automation is building what you expect, InSpec makes the process easy . In this course we will show you how the InSpec Language is built up from simple resources that can test the state of everything from files on a server to the Security Groups on your cloud resources.


This is a beginner course, but students should be familiar with using the command line on either Linux or Windows.

What web browser should I use?

Learn Chef powered by Appsembler Tahoe + Virtual Labs Open edX platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

See our list of supported browsers for the most up-to-date information.