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If you're new to Chef, read Getting started with Chef to learn how to get started, what to do first and where to go next.

These tutorials give you hands-on experience with Chef. We recommend that you follow these tutorials in order, starting with Learn the basics.

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What you'll find in the tutorials

Here's a quick look at what you'll accomplish in each tutorial.

Get started with Chef

In Learn the basics, you'll learn how Chef's test and repair approach keeps your systems in line with the policies you describe. You'll learn how to use resources, recipes, and cookbooks to configure a system you provide or a free trial virtual machine that we provide.

In Manage a node, you'll learn how the Chef server acts as a central repository for your cookbooks and for information about your servers, or nodes. You'll use Chef server to manage a node remotely from your workstation.

Develop and test locally

In Get started with Test Kitchen, you'll learn how Test Kitchen helps speed up the development process by applying your infrastructure code on test environments on your workstation, before you apply your work in production.

In Develop a web app cookbook, you'll extend what you've learned by managing a web application that uses a web server, a database, and scripting..

In Verify with InSpec, Unit test with ChefSpec, and Verify code style you'll learn how to get rapid feedback and speed up the development process even more by using Test Kitchen, InSpec, and other tools to perform automated testing on your infrastructure code.

Continuous deployment

In Deploy infrastructure changes with Chef Automate, you'll learn how Chef Automate manages changes to both infrastructure and application code, giving your operations and development teams a common platform for developing, building, testing, and deploying cookbooks, applications, and more.

Integrated compliance

In Scan for compliance, you'll learn how Chef's compliance scanner enables you to assess your infrastructure's adherence to compliance requirements.

In Remediate compliance failures, you'll learn how to use Chef to remediate compliance failures and to help ensure that your infrastructure remains within compliance guidelines.

Extending Chef

In Build a custom resource, you'll walk through the creation of a custom Chef resource that configures a web server on multiple platforms.

In Build an Ohai plugin, you'll learn how to create, test, and deploy an Ohai plugin that will be able to execute a system command and collect data about an installed application on a node.